Random Personal Proverb for 10.6.13 / Elephants at War

An under educated man is a gun with no safety, loaded with opinion but not enough fact to protect others from unwarranted discharge…Spaz listening to JUST enough NPR to have a vague idea of the political climate of the world, and then wanting to voice half-cooked objections and solutions to it all is kinda like that.

According to African proverb, “When elephants fight, the grass suffers.” And no one expects the elephants to care much about the grass. I liken the current stalemate of our American government to an orgiastic pissing contest, during which the American public has been subjected to an R. Kelly sexual experience.

If I could renew my passport I’d go take a shower…in Switzerland. Of course, if they don’t increase the debt ceiling soon I won’t be able to buy soap. If my representatives had run on a more honest platform (“You remind me of my jeep, America”) would they have been elected at all?

And for the half-cooked solution? Man-up. Someone in Washington needs to grow a pair, a pair so striking that his strut becomes a limp and when he hobbles up to the table he is no longer afraid to lose. He can embrace the confidence of his giant pair and remember that he, through and through, is big enough to concede; to give up a few yards on his side in order to propel an entire nation forward again.

Feel free to disregard the rambling exposition on a random personal proverb of a Spaz. After all, a Spaz by any other name is still grass to elephants at war.


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