Grown-up thing of the day

Today, I took my car to Discount Tire BY APPOINTMENT to have my tires inspected, rotated, and balanced. I even had one replaced, and made plans to return on Friday (after payday) to buy a new spare.

All of that TOTALLY makes up for my having spent the entire morning in pursuit of a satisfactory denouement for an awesome daydream which began as soon as I awoke. Actually, if it weren’t for that appointment (and work this afternoon), I might still be in bed.

HOO-RAY for grown-up things! They really do validate the rest of my pre-teen existence.



Random Personal Proverb for 11.7.2013

Buzzed blogging IS drunk blogging.

So is blogging while under the influence of an intense emotional state, triggered by erratic blood sugar, itself triggered by a week’s worth of negligible eating habits. I’m thoroughly grateful that the meaty-carbtastic dinner I finally ate last night kicked in and knocked me out before I could publish that clustercuss of a draft.

Blog responsibly. 😉

Can you FEEL it? – Weekly Writing Challenge

My mother, brothers, and I rode home from the hospital without words the night my father died. Only Stevie Wonder spoke for us. His box set collection served as a soothing soundtrack for a somber ride, “Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away” playing on an unintended loop. The song would end and one of us would inadvertently NEED to hear it again. I never particularly cared for that song, nor in the sentiment of Heaven being so damn far away. When it first started playing I looked up at the stars and willed them to be closer – Heaven is NOT far; Heaven is NOT far; my FATHER is there… But when Stevie got to the line “Can you FEEL it – FEEL His SPIRIT?”  Something inside me, and perhaps in us collectively, lurched and ached and resonated with the need to FEEL a SPIRIT. And we let that song play over and over until we finally needed silence again.


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