Can you FEEL it? – Weekly Writing Challenge

My mother, brothers, and I rode home from the hospital without words the night my father died. Only Stevie Wonder spoke for us. His box set collection served as a soothing soundtrack for a somber ride, “Heaven is 10 Zillion Light Years Away” playing on an unintended loop. The song would end and one of us would inadvertently NEED to hear it again. I never particularly cared for that song, nor in the sentiment of Heaven being so damn far away. When it first started playing I looked up at the stars and willed them to be closer – Heaven is NOT far; Heaven is NOT far; my FATHER is there… But when Stevie got to the line “Can you FEEL it – FEEL His SPIRIT?”  Something inside me, and perhaps in us collectively, lurched and ached and resonated with the need to FEEL a SPIRIT. And we let that song play over and over until we finally needed silence again.


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6 thoughts on “Can you FEEL it? – Weekly Writing Challenge

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