Happy Day Music

🎵 The following Pandora stations are comprised of all my dance-like-a-fool-washing-dishes-even-though-such-simple-tasks-will-take-me-twice-as-long music.
Also, my try-not-sing-along-in-the-grocery-store-because-people-are-already-weirded-out-at-my-dancing music.

🎶 American Authors:

🎵 Move by MercyMe:

🎶 Gavin deGraw: (not as peppy, but still fun. However, I’ll allow that my affinity for this station may be due largely in part to the fact that I’m a girl.)

🎵 Also fun for grocery shopping (I really don’t like grocery shopping) –
Justin Timberlake:

🎶 Post script for any Pandora newbies: don’t “like” anything. The program searches for qualities in what you like in order to play more stuff like that until you are tangentially listening to Yanni on your Metallica station.

Could happen.

Anyway, happy listening.

🎵 Post post script for people who find they happen to abhor my personal taste in music: get happy listening to something else.


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