I am THAT kid – that one who spends more time kicking your shins than the ball during soccer; that one who applies eye makeup with her mouth stuck open; that one who gets halfway through a joke and then remembers that not only has the punchline disappeared from memory, but you’ve heard it so many times before it doesn’t really matter; that one who is all enthusiasm and no set direction. In short – Spaz.

Recently liberated from the shackles of the public school education system, I now teach private music lessons. Now in my thirties, I am JUST getting the hang of this being a grown-up thing. I find it frightening and exhilarating, like that rollercoaster you realize  you can now ride with your eyes open…and not throw up.  I am as yet unmarried because my Man-Net-o-Matic 3000 is in the shop. LIFE IS GOOD.

I will try desperately to post twice a week despite the urges of my inner child, who continues to revolt against adulthood and argue incessantly for dinners consisting of mostly ice cream.


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