Happy Day Music

🎵 The following Pandora stations are comprised of all my dance-like-a-fool-washing-dishes-even-though-such-simple-tasks-will-take-me-twice-as-long music.
Also, my try-not-sing-along-in-the-grocery-store-because-people-are-already-weirded-out-at-my-dancing music.

🎶 American Authors:

🎵 Move by MercyMe:

🎶 Gavin deGraw: (not as peppy, but still fun. However, I’ll allow that my affinity for this station may be due largely in part to the fact that I’m a girl.)

🎵 Also fun for grocery shopping (I really don’t like grocery shopping) –
Justin Timberlake:

🎶 Post script for any Pandora newbies: don’t “like” anything. The program searches for qualities in what you like in order to play more stuff like that until you are tangentially listening to Yanni on your Metallica station.

Could happen.

Anyway, happy listening.

🎵 Post post script for people who find they happen to abhor my personal taste in music: get happy listening to something else.


Slice of Life

Dish-washing was apparently not the most opportune time to experiment with my Pandora stations. If I had removed a glove to skip every “What-the-hell” song or wake up the screen so I could know the name and artist of every cool new song, my efforts would have taken for-EV-ver. And that would have yielded a frustrating dish-washing experience.

Instead, I suffered through the “What-the-hell” songs and was left wondering about the really cool new songs for the moment. Which yielded a frustrating dish-washing experience.

Meh. First-world problems. I get fresh, hot water from the tap without waiting and I got my dishes clean in the comfort of my comfy kitchen.

It IS comfy. I have padded floor mats. They SQUISH. 😀

Spaz does dishes…?

The morning’s saga of de-HAZMAT-ing my too long neglected kitchen:

9:00 am – Praying for fortitude.

9:01-9:15 am – Lying on the sofa pretending God doesn’t speak English, and that my prayer for motivation with the dishes is as good as unanswered.

9:15 am – Praying again.

9:16 am – Getting up, adding Janelle Monae to my OneRepublic Pandora station, and promptly sitting back down to read celebrity gossip news online. Megan Fox’s life is REALLY interesting.

9:56 am – Feeling the music, yes! Lighting incense cuz it’s GO time! Running water in the sink for the ready dishes and a bucket for the stubborn ones.

10:10 am – Washing dishes! Woo!

10:15 am – Rinsing my right glove and patting it dry to give a “thumbs up” to the awesome song that’s playing.

10:17 am – Washing dishes! Woo!

10:25 am – Rinsing my right glove and patting it dry so I can give a “thumbs up” to the awesome song that’s playing…as well as two other awesome songs five songs back.

10:27 am – Washing dishes! Woo!

10:32 am – Rinsing my right glove and patting it dry so I can give a “thumbs DOWN” to the random song killing my groove.

10:34 am – Washing dishes! Woo!

10:45 am – washing dishes. woo. Except without the groove. The groove is gone; it’s dead; it is NOT in the house. My back is hurting, I swear the dirty dishes are multiplying, and as the dishwasher is approaching full it is creeping over me that I have NO clue where my forks are. How can it be that I have no cutlery? Taking quick inventory I’m finding plates, pots, pans, a new and newly soiled blender, two sets of crappy should-be-sharp knives, and somehow no spoons, forks, or butter knives? Worse still the question persisting is how long have they been missing?

10:50 am – Continuing to load each tiny heavy dish one by one in the kitchen that time forgot.

11:01 am – Emptying sink, emptying bucket, filling Brita water pitcher, restoring the groove to my Pandora station, slumping over oj, wishing the oj was a mimosa.

First round done.