Spaz and the Moving Pictures

Spotty internet connection + scattered thoughts = very little blogging activity.

I have read several posts that my slow and stubborn interwebs haven’t allowed me to comment on, and created many a draft this past week that haven’t made it past the cutting room floor.

Hopefully I’ll be able to articulate the happenings of my week soon enough. Everything is free-flowing liquid pictures in my mind; very little has congealed into words; like trying to describe a movie while it’s happening.

Guess I just need more time.


Bone Dry

Well, that’s it.

Had a good run of mania-induced productivity. Rode the waves of aftershock for some weeks and accomplished quite a bit, contributing to life on and off the blog. But, as I lie here in stretch pants now, having just finished way too much take-out and season 4 of “The Guild”, I find myself completely dry of life-spark, motivation, and creativity.

Random personal proverb: …Life…

I’m like Kanye West up in here.

Random personal Proverb: …Sweater…

Ugh. I’m so done. Goodnight.